Recent Passing



It is with a heavy heart that I must report to you the passing of W. Jesse Ray Yarbrough of Marston Lodge 49. Brother Ray was an honorary member of Belleview Lodge and for many years performed the Fellowcraft lecture for us. He was a fine man and Mason and always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. He was a very accomplished businessman who at the same time was down to earth with no airs.
I will miss him.

My Brothers we have lost our esteemed Brother Phil Thompson He helped me in the kitchen with our events for many years. He was unassuming, cheerful and a fine gentleman and Brother. What is not generally known because he was unassuming was his distinguished career serving our country and local community. Please read his obit to appreciate his brilliant record of service. We will miss him. Thank you and Rest In Peace Brother Phil .

Brothers our Senior Steward Brother Lloyd Dorsey passed away June 13 after a long illness. Our hearts go out to his family.


Junius Carl Clemmons
October 18, 1915 - February 16, 2014
The Patriarch of Belleview Lodge, it can truly be said that R.W. Clemmons forgot more about Masonry then most of us will ever know. Always soft spoken, kind and helpful Brother Clemmons was a true Mason and a special man.
For those of you who missed it, Louise Clemmons passed away on July 31st and she and R\W\ Junius Clemmons are together again. Keep their family in your prayers.

Jaby LeRoy Oliver
July 1, 1935 - April 8, 2014
W. Jaby was an outstanding idea man who initiated more programs for Belleview Lodge then any other member.
Deeply dedicated to the betterment of our Lodge Brother Jaby pushed and we responded.

Brethren, Brother Don Harrison was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident January 21.
He was a member of Marion Dunn but frequently attended our meetings and functions. He was very accomplished and as many of you know was a dedicated Patriot in combat and intelligence service to our country.
Below is a link to his Linkedin Page that's worth looking at.

Rest In Peace Brother We Will Miss You!

PM Paul Sullivan
December 2, 2014
 Our WM in 2008 Brother Paul was dedicated, friendly and fun to be around.
Always soft spoken, kind and helpful Brother Paul was a true Mason and a special man.


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