A Message From The Worshipful Master




January 2015


I am honored and proud to serve as Worshipful Master. There were several Past Masters
and Brethren who helped me make it to the East and I sincerely thank them. I am looking
forward to a very successful year. We have many events already in the planning stages. Included in
this Trestleboard is a tentative list of dates and events for 2015, so mark your calendars now so you
won't miss any of these great events. I will be working close with my line officers to try and make
meeting nights more exciting and to improve the fellowship in our Lodge. I am asking for your help and
counting on you as Master Masons to make this a success. Come back to Lodge and see firsthand
what I am trying to accomplish at Belleview Lodge, with your help.

Sincerely & Fraternally
Ken Williams


            We had an outstanding E.A. degree at our last meeting.  Thank you to the degree team and the brothers from Marion Dunn that helped.  The attendance for the meetings is very good.  Please keep coming; the meals are excellent and I really try to keep meetings short and fun.  The DDGM official visit is February 14th.  We are also having a Valentines dinner so please bring your ladies with you.

            Urgent:  We need a secretary.  The lodge will lose its charter if we do not have one soon.  Our secretary Steve will help you any way he can and it will be just for the rest of this year.

            Fish Fry – March 9th, Child I.D. – April 6th, Golf Tournament – June 1st.  Please keep these dates in mind for we are going to need help.  Call me if you have any questions.  My cell phone number is 653-8414.

Fraternally Yours,

W.M. Ted Mullins

February 2012

Brethren and Friends of Belleview Lodge,

I would first like to thank the Past masters and brethren of Belleview Lodge for this opportunity to serve Belleview Lodge and the community in this capacity. I’m very proud to be in the East and I hope I can do as good of a job as the Masters that have come before me. We have a very busy first quarter of the year, which includes new members, Masonic leadership training (Feb. 2 @ 6:30pm), Super Bowl Ribs (Feb. 5 @ 11:00am) and Lodge Fish Fry (March 5 @11:00am), just to name a few. I would like to personally thank our Junior Warden and his lovely wife for a great meal at our first meeting of the year and remind everyone that starting in Feb. the second meeting of every Month will be Family Night where wives and children are welcome to come enjoy dinner with us. The first meeting of the year was a long one with much business to discuss and three petitions from potential new members. The new start time had the meeting running late, but we will do our best to streamline these meeting so they don’t run late into the night. Please bear with us though this transitional time. Belleview Lodge has a fantastic, diverse group, and by focusing on our strengths we can have a very successful year and keep it on an upward trajectory, while having a little fun doing it.

Take Care and God Bless.


WM. Thomas M. "Arlo" Ventre

"Free Thinkers, Free Spirits, Free Masons"

October 2010

Well Brothers,

The year is rapidly coming to an end. It is hard to believe where the year has gone. We have accomplished a lot of things. My heartfelt thanks to all the Brothers and families that helped in all of our endeavors. There were lofty goals set at the beginning of the year. And following in the footsteps of Worshipful Ted Mullins was a daunting task. Some things went smooth, some not so much. My schedule pulled me in many directions. But as expected the Craft always banded together. My appreciation and MORE IMPORTANTLY ADMIRATION goes out to everyone who has helped.

It is not over yet though. In just two meeting left for the year we have a Degree, a Christmas party, and an Installation to plan. WOW no rest for the weary.

Welcome to the new brother and we look forward to the friendship and bonds that are created here, once again, thank you for all your help and have a Safe Holiday Season your friends and families.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Malone Worshipful Master,


My year as 2009 W. M. of Belleview Lodge #95 is coming to an end. We had a great year and I have enjoyed everyday of being W. M. The year went so fast, I can't believe it's almost over. Thanks to all that helped make this a successful year. But, we have some more work to do. Here are some very important dates to remember.

NOV. 12th: Step Up Night.

We will not have a meeting on NOV. 26th because of Thanksgiving.

DEC. 10th: Election Of New Officers. Please Attend.

DEC. 12th: Christmas Dinner. Come and have some fun. Please bring a $5.00 wrapped gift to join in the gift exchange game. If you are bringing children please bring a wrapped gift with their name on it so they can enjoy a gift also. There will be a free dinner served by the lodge before the gift exchange.

We will not have a meeting on DEC. 24th due to it being Christmas Eve MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE.

VERY IMPORTANT: Installation of New and Appointed Officers is on JAN. 9th at 5:00pm, DINNER AFTERWARDS Please come and support the new officers as the lodge moves forward for another great year.

Thanks again for a wonderful year. It has been a real blessing to me to have had the opportunity to serve Masonry.

 Fraternally Yours, Ted. Mullins W. M.




Thank you for selecting me your 2009 W.M. I am humble, proud, excited, and ready to get started. I know this is going to be a great year. Congratulations to all of my officers. I know they are going to support me as we move forward this year. We are going to make the craft proud to be a member of Belleview Lodge. Thanks to the P.M., the Lodge is running on all eight cylinders. My goal as Worshipful Master in 2009 is to increase members. My theme for 2009 is: TWENTY GOOD MEN BY 2010.

I know we can achieve this goal if we are all unified and share the same goal. It starts by attending meetings. If you don't know me, come meet me. Belleview Lodge is growing and changing: come be a part of it.

Thanks Again, Fraternally, W. M. Ted Mullins



Brethren, I was unable to send out the October Trestle Board because of computer problems along with other personal things, However, I want to congratulate everyone who helped with the Rib Feast-it was a great success. Good job, Brother Ted! Since then we have had a catechism and a Fellowcraft Degree for Brother David Smith. Both he and Right Worshipful Junius Clemmons did a great job. Thanks again Brother Clemmons for standing in to give the examination. Ajjain, good job Brother Ted, along with all the Degree Team who did the Degree oft short notice. We need better attendance at our meetings and degree work. Please become involved. The year is quickly coming to a close, as we only have two meetings left. For this year. We have the following prepared for the rest of the year. The first meeting in NOVEMBER IS STEP UP TIME for thfc Brothers sitting in chairs. I am looking forward to his night!






Fraternally, Paul Sullivan W.M.

June 2008


Grand Lodge was a success. All the proposals that we hoped would pass did, including our ability to have eighteen year olds become Masons. Also, a background check will be done on all those wanting to become a Mason. I will discuss these further at our meeting. After spending considerable time with Brothers from other Lodges in and out of our District, closer cooperation and even assistance with projects seems to be the key point of the conversations I had. Working together brings more strength, and all Lodges, big and small will benefit. Standing alone isn't working!



Fraternally, Paul Sullivan W.M.

May 2008


Brethren, First I would like to thank some Brothers for their help with many things that are going on in the Lodge. Special thanks to SW Ted Mullins for filling in for me on Ladies Night and at the Shrine. Also thanks to SD Dallas Doumas for all the work he has accomplished. Next thanks to Brothers Steve Whaley, Kenny Brown, and Hugh Schomp for the work at Art Gael's house. Also thanks to JW Bugsy Malone for he great food! I probably missed someone, but the thought is there. We are finally slowing down a bit with activities, but I am sure we will be doing something like Degree Work in the very near future. Our SW will be doing the next FC Degree, and our SD the MM degree (first part). Our Officers will be ready for next year.

Fraternally, Paul Sullivan W.M.

March 2008

Brethren, We are off to a good start. We had our E.A. Degree, and by the time you get
this we will have had the DDGM's visit and our dinner for Junius Clemmons. The Fish
Fry is coming up on and we will be completing the five year plan on Mar. 13 at our first meeting in March.

I am so pleased with the Officers and their effort to make this a great year. They have worked together very well and are hard working brothers. I am already very proud of them! Our Lodge needs to have great participation in all of our events which are not that great in number. Please be an active member and let us know what you want to do concerning the future of our Lodge.


Fraternally, Paul Sullivan W.M.

February 2008


! first want to thank you for electing me Master of the Lodge for 2008. It is my plan to
have a great year with your help. Congratulations to all elected and appointed Officers.
Many thanks to all the Brothers who made the dinner a success, especially Harry
Medlock, Phil Thompson, and Ted Mullins, who handled the cooking and serving. Also
all those many who served, cleaned up and left the Lodge in great shape for the Star. It
is hoped that the Planning Committee  will make its presentation at the first meeting in
February, and that we can move on some suggestions with  the Craft's approval.
Your input
is needed, so please attend the meetings and let your voice be heard.
Our first meeting had many suggestions from the craft!

Paul Sullivan, W.M.

January 2008


I would first like to thank my Brothers for electing me to the East. I hope that I can live up to the Masters who have gone before me. With the elected and appointed Officers, it should be a great year. I am looking forward to working with this young group of Officers who have lots of ideas and enthusiasm, and a deep concern for the viability and success of our Lodge. I also thank all of you for the help and assistance you gave P.M. John Pisani and the Officers last year. Without all your help, we could not have had such a great year. Our Christmas Party was a great success, and everything went smoothly with lots of fun. Again, thanks to our now S.W. Ted Mullins for his cooking, and everyone who helped to make the event a success.

January is a very busy month!

We need help and participation by many to make this all work well!

Paul Sullivan

December 2007

FROM THE EAST... Brethren

Hope you are all well. In November our Brothers worked hard with the rummage sale. Many thanks to all who helped including Marsha Whaley. It's a tough way to raise funds.

Don't forget to come out for the 12/13 2008 Officers election meeting. Let's have some fun at the next evening's Christmas Party. Please attend, invite a friend or two and also bring a dessert. We are serving SD Ted's great pork tenderloin. Come out and enjoy.

I will be having lower back surgery on 11/29.1 hope to attend the election meeting, but if not I want to tell you all how I feel as my year comes to an end. It is up to the Craft to determine how I did as Master but I can tell you this, my officers did a very special job.

I want to thank my officers for their support. They have had my back all year and each one has stepped up and performed additional duties that have made our Lodge better. I knew I would be very proud of them and I am. Our membership's support was outstanding. Our Brothers rose as Men and worked together to do the things we needed to do. You, my brothers have made our Lodge a special place again. I think we are well on our way to making it the best Lodge in the district and perhaps, in time, the state.

I am very humble and deeply grateful for the support I received from my Brothers. I will always cherish being a member of Belleview Lodge. Our SW is a fine man and Mason and will, with his officer's help, do a fine job.

Let's support him and our Lodge. I pledge him my full support!

Thank you all again!
John Paul Pisani

November 07


I am happy to report to you that our
Rib Feast was very lucrative. Thanks to all that helped and sold tickets. Our November 8th Meeting will be a step up. All potential officers for 2008 will he moved up 1 chair and conduct business. It  should  be  fun!   Please come and support them! We are holding a rummage sale at Brother Arlo's place Saturday the 10 of November. If you want to donate please call him. We need help to carry Lodge tables and display the items. Our planning committee has been active and should be submitting proposals and ideas after the first of the year. I look forward to it! Please try to support the Eastern Star meal on November 4. They have been very good to our Lodge and we need to return the favor. I look forward to seeing you all at our meeting.

John Paul Pisani

September 07


We had an excellent turn out for our
brainstorming meeting. Thanks to all who attended!
Some new ideas were presented and
discussed that may help our Lodge in the future.
At the meeting a planning committee
composed of newer & older members was established. This group has been charged with increasing membership, proposing new fun activities and exploring the idea of a golf tournament fund raiser. We also asked them to consider coming up with 3 & 5 year plans for the Lodge. The Lodge and I appreciate their help and look forward to their future proposals. Please attend our 9/13 meeting. This meeting is the official visit of the DDGM and his Committeemen. RW Bill Furse is a fine Mason and worthy of our respect and attention. We will be serving a rib dinner prepared by Brother Ted & his helpers.

 Speaking of ribs it's that time again to support our annual rib fund raiser. Please come out and help and sell as many donation tickets as you can. It is very important that we clean, perhaps paint our dining room and make some minor repairs at the Lodge. We will be holding numerous events in the Fall & Winter so we need the Lodge to look its best. To that end we will have a Lodge CLEANUP DAY on 9/22. Please come and help.

Fraternally, John Paul Pisani

June 07

From the East:


Hope each of you are well! June should be an active month.

On Friday, June 22, at 7:00 PM. The Lodge will hold a Special 4th of July Family Dinner and Program. Thanks to our SD Ted
Mullins, we will be serving barbecue chicken and watermelon. There is no charge! Please bring your family and one group of friends for this very special evening. We intend to honor America's Birthday with a program and hold a special presentation for our spouses and friends who have helped our Lodge so much over the years. I would ask all attending to please bring one side dish or dessert to make the evening fare even better. I look forward to seeing you all!

At our first meeting on the 14th , we will discuss the final preparation for our June 22 meal, our fishing trip, and other important matters including our upcoming Rib Feast. Worshipful Paul Brooks should give us a brief report on Grand Lodge.

At our second meeting, June 28, we should have a FC lecture and perhaps other Masonic education. At present we have three Brothers moving through the degrees. The participation at the EA Degree was good. Member's attendance for the FC can only be described as dismal. There is no more important duty we have than moving our new Brothers through the Degrees in a manner worthy of our Lodge. Our Lodge is a special place where men work together as Brothers. I am counting on each one of you to do better and attend our degree work.

John Paul Pisani




CONGRATULATIONS! On April 14, 2007, Belleview Masonic Lodge 95 held its Third Annual CHILD ID Program. Thanks to the hard work of the Brothers that participated, our spouses, our Sponsors, Eastern Star, the Sheriff's Department, Marion County schools and others, the event was very successful. We IDed almost two hundred children from the South Marion County area. Over six hundred parents and family attended. We intend to double those figures next year. The actual operation of the event was very efficient, and all parents were pleased and very grateful.


I wish I could make a list of what each Brother did to make this program work. It
would be too long! Some Brothers went above and beyond, and devoted themselves to ensure our success. You know who you are. Thank You! Each of you Brothers that helped did an outstanding job. Thank You!
We proved that as Men and Masons we could hold an important civic event in our
local community that may save children, and at the same time receive the recognition that we deserve. We did it by bringing the public to our house, using sponsors to limit our expense to under $100.00, and with a lot of Participation, making it easier for all of us. I cannot tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you. As men you stepped up and did what had to be done. I
humbly thank you all!

February 2007


I am happy to report to you that support at our two meetings was good.
Our Officers did a fine job initiating two candidates at our second meeting.

We have begun work on our fish fry & Child ID Program. We will soon send you tickets for the fish fry. Please do the best you can do soliciting donations for that event.

The Child ID Program, our primary civic event for South Marion County, is starting
off very strong. We have several business and organizational sponsors helping with this program. These include T.G Lee and Kash & Karry supermarkets
As an example of what our sponsors will be doing, T.G Lee will be using its special donation truck to dispense free milk & ice cream to attendees. If we properly publicize this program, we anticipate IDing 300-400 children. Just think if we save just one child
from a horrible fate, we will have made a tremendous difference in our community. We need your help with both these events. Please attend our Feb.8th meeting for more information and help us further plan these important programs.


John Paul Pisani

January 2007

FROM THE EAST (for the last time, for mel

The year is over for my year in the East and I want to thank everyone for the support given to the Lodge during
my term in office. First, I want thank all the officers for your support, without your help we could not have done anything. Second, I wish I could name all of you that helped support me and the Lodge but there is not room and I would surely leave out someone and hurt their feelings so I will throw a big net and say thanks to the Eastern star for their help and support. A big thanks to the members and friends for your support of our projects this past year. Without the help of all of you we could not have accomplished all that we did.
Having said that I want to apologize to Brother James Nail because I did not follow up with him, as I should have. For those of you that don't know, money was donated to the Lodge to replace the kitchen floor. Brother Nail volunteered to furnish the labor to remove the old floor and lay the new tile. All we had to do was help move the equipment, this I failed to do.   Brother Nail, if you are still willing to do this for the Lodge I am sure that our incoming Master, Bro. John Pisani, will see that you have all the help you need.
The Lodge accomplished a lot this past year, we got a new roof on our building, raised our dues to help cover the Lodge expenses, had a successful Rib Feast and topped everything off with a super Christmas Party and I thoroughly enjoyed myself serving as the Master of Belleview Lodge #95 for the year 2006.
Again, A BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your support.

Jaby Oliver,

From The West

I appreciate and thank the Brethren for electing me to serve as Worshipful Master for 2007.
With this honor comes the responsibility of insuring that our Lodge continues it*s over 100 year Masonic
tradition of Brotherhood and service in south Marion County.

I want to invite all our Brothers to attend our installation on January, 6th at 7:00 PM. Dinner to be served at
6:00 PM.

Please come out and support our new members and officers and enjoy a good meal and fellowship.

Our first meeting of the New Year will be January 11, at 7:00 PM.
At this meeting we will discuss and firm up our 2007 schedule of events and activities.

will begin immediately to prepare for our Child ID Program which I believe is of critical importance to our
area and Lodge. I don't have to tell you what happens to many children that are abducted or disappear. Our Members through the Child ID Program have the ability to save local children from a terrible and heinous fate. Here is how it works! We simply take a photo of a child and burn it to a disc which can be given to any law enforcement officer. The image is then broadcasted statewide and perhaps nationally and may be linked to an Amber Alert. It is my understanding that the program has saved several children.
Our target goal is to ID 300 children at the Lodge. What we need to make this program successful is a publicity committee composed of 4-6 Brothers who will promote this program through all available media. Let me know if this is something you would like to do. The date of the program is Saturday April 14.
We also will begin promoting our Fish Fry. The tentative date is March 17.

We also will do an EA Degree as soon as possible.
Congratulations to our newly elected and appointed Brothers. 1 look forward to working with each of you.

I pledge to my Brothers that I will do my very best to insure Our Lodge functions as it should and our new
officers are ready and well prepared for their present and future duties.


John Paul Pisani

December 2006


As you read this, the year is almost over for rny year in the east but with all the tri
als and tribulations as well as some good times I feel that the Lodge is poised on the brink of very good times. The Lodge has a good man and Mason that will be going to the east along with a full slate of Officers to assist him. For the first time in a very long time we have a slate of YOUNG members starting in line and I know that the Lodge can only get better with the younger Masons stepping for­ward to lead the Lodge in the future. I feel that as a Lodge we have turned the corner and there is a lot of light ahead.

Because of the younger members attending Lodge as well as setting in the chairs, 1 expect to see the Lodge having more activities and projects with the enthusiasm and energy that only they can bring to the Lodge. I suspect that there will be some plans for functions away from the Lodge like trips to ball games, fishing trips and who knows what else. (Just a quite suggestion Brothers).

We, out of necessity and after much debate, had to raise our dues this year to cover
the expenses. I know that this will put a hardship on some of our older retirees but all of you know, or should know, that if this is a hardship all you have to do is let the Master or Secretary know, period!!

Thanks to the foresight of the members back in 1997 who approved the creation of the Building Reserve Fund we were able to replace the roof of the Lodge building without going in debt and a BIG THANKS to all the members who responded to rny plea for funds to start to replace that fund in case of unexpected repairs that might happen such as A/C units, lighting, heating, etc.. It is critical for the Lodge that this fund has the cash reserves to cover such expenses.

1 want to thank each and every one of you for the support given me this year and I ask that for the coming year you turn out and support the incoming Officers during their year. No Master of the Lodge is an island onto himself. He needs and de­serves the support of ALL the members of the Lodge in order for the Lodge to have the continuity to plan and grow through the coming years.

Thanks for a great year in the East. Belleview Lodge #95

Jaby Oliver, Master

September 2006



Brothers all, are you a part of the solution or a part of the problem? That is the question, now lets try to get to the answer and let me say up front that this is my personal opinions and feelings. If you agree with some of these points or none of them that is your right and I will respect your thoughts, as I am sure you will mine.

In my opinion one of the biggest problems that Masonry has, from our local Lodge to the Grand Lodge of Florida, is apathy. When you look up the meaning of the word "apathy" you will find, indifference, lack of concern, lack of interest, laziness, boredom, and more, but these definitions fairly well sums up our problems. One of the first things that you were told when you were initiated was that you were NEVER to allow Lodge to interfere your family, work, or religion. These three things just about gives anyone a reason not to be active in Lodge. If the wife doesn't want you to stay home and have supper with the family, then you have to get up early to go to work because the preacher is stopping by tomorrow night and you have to get home early. My point is the Lodge has given you every reason not to be active. Other civic and social organizations have strict rules on attendance. Some have three missed meetings (without a legitimate excuse) and you are OUT, period, unless you make them up by attending other club's meetings to make up those you missed. Why can't we have something like that in our Lodges?

My next thought is how many or you are Masons? I know —— you pay dues and carry a dues card that will get you in any Lodge, but does that make you a Mason? NO, it does not. Being a Mason comes from within yourself, not from that blue card in your wallet. Is it your fault that you don't know what I am talking about, NO, it is not. IT IS MY FAULT, and the fault of the others that do not, and did not, instill in you the true meaning of Masonry. The saying "Masonry, making good men better" is very true but until you have lived with and associated with your Masonic Family for a period of time you cannot know what Masonry is really all about. By associating with Brothers of the fraternity, over time, you will wake up one day and say to yourself, for some reason I have a different outlook on life and about those that are around me and those that I associate with on a daily basis and this is part of what Masonry is all about. How many people do you know that you can call on in an emergency? I mean, really be able to call on for help, aid, or to assist you with those unexpected, and often times really, really, serous emergencies — two, three, five? I would bet not much more then that. How would you like to have fifty, seventy-five, or more, how about if you are in New York, Texas, Alaska or even Europe? What if your family is traveling alone and need assistance with an emergency? Help is not further away then the closest Mason. Find him, make your needs known and I can almost guarantee you will find a Brother ready to do what is required. This is the camaraderie and support you will have from your Masonic family if you are truly a Mason. Nowhere in this world can you go and not be able to find a Brother to come to you or your family's aid and I would bet this includes the Middle East where all the fighting is taking place. Do we have to agree with everything that a Brother does or says, absolutely not? But, if you will remember that he is your Brother in Masonry, you will be able to quietly converse with him the problems you have and resolve them and remain Masonic Brothers.

Finally, I believe that Masonry in general has been devalued to the point that it has almost no value to the majority of it members. Belleview Lodge, out of absolute necessity has voted to raise the yearly dues to $100.00 starting in January 2007. This act, if nothing else, puts a value on your membership in your Lodge. Why not make an effort to receive the benefits that go with this value. Make a conscious effort to attend and participate in your Lodge. Do we want or expect all your time and effort, no we do not. All of us have interests other then Masonry but Masonry is a part of our lives and 1 think, because of it, we are better men and Masons.
Having said that I now ask for your help and support in two upcoming projects. The first is the national "FREEDOM WALK" supporting our armed forces. The Lodge has been asked to participate in activities and it would be nice to have as many members as possible attend. I am"sorry but I don't have more information at this time but will have by the 1 meeting in September. The 2nd project is our annual RIB FEAST on the 1st Sat. in October. This is our 14lh year and we are in desperate need of help. We have to have not only workers for the day but also the Lodge needs every member to help with the ticket sales. These two functions would be a good way for you to get active in the Lodge again and at the same time help with a worthwhile cause. If you think you would like to join in please call me at 843-0198 and give me your name and I will answer any questions you have.

In closing this letter I ask that you give serous thought to what I have said. The Lodge needs you and there is so much more that you CAN get out of the Lodge then what you are required to put in. It is said that you receive 10 times that which you invest and I believe it. Our younger members are the future of Belleview Lodge and your current Officers have and will continue to make ever effort to place younger members in the appointed chairs in order for them to start their journey to the East. If you think you would like to go through the chairs why not start by attending Lodge now and let it be known. We will welcome "new blood" as well as new ideas in the Lodge.

Jaby Oliver, WM

August 2006


What does it take to keep a Lodge alive and open? The simple answer is —— I DON'T KNOW —— because I and the other Officers of YOUR Lodge have tried to keep Belleview Masonic Lodge #95 open and running and we are not having much success at it because we are trying to do this without help from 90% of the members. As Master of the Lodge this year I have personally written to all the younger members for the past 6 months without any response from anyone and I am tired. I have reached the point where I am about ready to throw up my hands and say "shove it" (it was suggested I word this nicer but I don't know of a nicer way to say "shove it"). I don't care if you are past District Deputy Grand Masters, up to your elbows in the Shrine, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Boy Scouts, your Church or NASCAR, it does not matter. You are members of this Lodge and it deservers a portion of you time. YOUR Lodge is distressed and every member needs to come to its aid as part of your obligation. I AM telling each one of you that if you don't start giving, you will NOT have a Lodge. If you are not participating in the Lodge because of your dislike of me or one or more of the other Officers get OFF your cans and come to the Lodge and change it. I, and I am sure, that the others that "run" the Lodge will be more then glad to step aside and let you have a go at it. And I also think that we would still be on the sidelines to help and assist you in whatever project or charity you chose to undertake and that is a lot more then most of you are doing. Another thing, don't think that you can set on the sidelines and wait until the doors are closed and then step up and pick up the peaces. You can't because then it WILL BE TOO LATE. We had to cancel the bike giveaway this year because of lack of help. I don't know about the Rib Feast this year for the same reason. Your response to the request for a one time donation of $125.00 to repair the building is, at this time, dismal at best. To put it plain, other then the 7 or 8 members attending Lodge we have had 4 CHECKS given. The Lodge will get a new roof. I, for one, do not want Grand Lodge having to put a new roof on before they put the property up for sale. Think about it!!

Bottom line is this - all we need is a little support, a phone call, attend meetings when you can, step up to the plate and volunteer to help with Lodge projects like the Fish Fry, Rib Feast, community projects, helping a Brother out when he is down and can't help himself. You don't have to help with everything, just volunteer, and then, maybe, we will have enough Members that the chairman can say, thanks, but we have enough men this time, take a break and we will call on you down the road. Better still, just call the Secretary (or me) and say, put my name on the list to help with some of the projects and then we can rotate among everyone and no one Brother will have to be involved in everything. Do you have a project that you feel should be done. Come to Lodge and say "I would like to do (whatever) " you might be surprised at the positive response you get.

BROTHERS, if you don't answer the call you will not have a Lodge. And don't think that "ol Joe" is going to answer for you, he has not in the past and he's not now!! It is up to EVERY MEMBER OF THIS LODGE to help keep the doors open. The future of the Lodge is up to YOU and YOU alone.
In closing let me add, To those elderly and or ill Brothers and those that live away from the area, This letter is not addressed to YOU, please do not think it is and please understand that the Lodge is there is help, aid, and assist you in any way we can and we will continue to do so as long as the doors of Belleview Lodge remain open.

Jaby Oliver, WM

June 30, 2006
Belleview Masonic Lodge
Brothers All,

In the past I have attempted to communicate with the younger members of this Lodge during the month and with a message to all the Members each month in the TrestleBoard, but this month I need to send a message to each and every one of the members of Belleview Lodge.
It is somewhat ironic that I found the following on the "net"

I HEARD A Brother from my Lodge say "You get from                          If you had to think about it for longer then 10 seconds
Masonry what you put in it. If you come out once a                                then my guess is I probably haven't seen you around
year that's great, we will love to see you but if you come                   Lodge to often.
out regularly it can change your life more than you can                        To follow that last statement up, if you haven't been to
ever imagine"                                                                                                     Lodge recently don't feel that you've been gone too
Take a
while and think about this. Have you become a                       long. Your Brothers will welcome you with open arms
better man since joining? I bet if you are active your                            and will love to see you.
answer will be a big "YES".                                                                                                                        Author unknown

Now to get to the heart of this months letter. There IS GOING TO BE CHANGES MADE AT YOUR

LODGE! This can be a good thing or, depending on each one of you, a terrible thing for YOUR Lodge, in fact, it could very well be the beginning of the end of Belleview Lodge!!!   For way too long now the Lodge has been operating at a deficit. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE! We have two problems facing us now and I will address them in order.

#1.The roof of the Lodge has got to be replaced NOW and this is the responsibility of EVERY MEM­BER OF THE LODGE! After getting the price to replace the existing roof shingles and making the neces­
sary repairs to the rotten sheeting and fascia we need $125.00 from EVERY MEMBER!! I know that this will be a hardship on some of our Members and I also know that some of you cannot give this amount at one time so this is what I propose — Those of you that can please do so in the next 30 days as we have to pay the contractor on completion of the job. Those that need extra time please send what you can and let the Secretary know when and how much he can expect each month in order to plan. Finally, There are some Members retired that have a very limited budget and just cannot afford this. To those Brothers, just let our Secretary know (in confidence) and everything will be covered. Brothers, you are on the Square and I know that you will cover your obligation.

#2.      As I stated earlier, the Lodge has been operating at a deficit for too long and we cannot continue to do so. The current dues DOES NOT cover the expense of maintaining the Lodge. This letter is official no­tification that there will be a vote on August 10 to increase the yearly dues to $100.00. This WILL NOT cover the expenses of the Lodge, neither will this increase cover the different Masonic charities and Ma­sonic relief that we should be doing for our Brethren as well as community projects. In the past a few good Masons have given of their time (and money) to put on different functions at the Lodge with the proceeds covering the Lodge expenses. These Brothers say NO MORE, They are tired of giving of their time and money when, at least on the surface, the majority of members could care less. If you are truly Masons, and 1 believe that in your heart you are, then it is time that you stepped up to the plate and took your turn. Who knows, you just might find that you have been missing something worthwhile to yourself as well as to your family.

Jaby Oliver, Worshipful Master

June 1, 2006

To all members of Belleview Masonic Lodge #95 Brothers all,

Last night, May 11, the Lodge had its monthly business meeting with 8 members plus guests
attending. As you read, or should have, in this months TrestleBoard I proposed the Lodge consider having an assessment for 2 years to pay for a much needed roof for the Lodge building and a 2nd assessment to build an emergency charity fund for the Lodge. This assessment works out to $0.50 a day.  Your change at the end of each day would cover this worthwhile need.

Thanks to you, the non-participating members of the Lodge, you allowed 6 members of our Lodge to decide the future of our Lodge building. For the lack of a second from the Craft the motion died that would allowed all members of the Lodge, after notification, and a 30 day
waiting period to vote for this worthwhile and necessary proposal. This is proof positive that members cannot set back and expect others to do all the work and make all the decisions needed to have a vibrant and active Lodge. There will be another motion placed before the Craft at our 1st of the month business meeting on June 8th, 7 PM and it behooves each of you to be present. This affects EVERY member of our Lodge, not just the handful that is active. DO NOT force me, as Master of the Lodge, to have to make a decision alone that by all rights should be debated in open Lodge and decided and agreed upon by all the members.

To those Brothers that have not paid your 2006 dues, please make every effort to promptly do so. If you don't have the total amount due please send your dues now and the balance next month. You and your family cannot survive without funds to pay for the necessities and neither can the Lodge. The dues are the lifeblood of the Lodge and without them the Lodge DIES!!!!

The following Brothers are shown as being delinquent. If your name is listed below and
you have a currant (2006) dues card please contact the secretary, if you have NOT PAID your dues please make every effort to do so now. The Dues for the year are $78.65 if you have lost your notice.

Thank you for your understanding and response to these important matters.
Jaby Oliver, WM

I am writing to the younger members of our Lodge to ask each of you for your help! As you know by the TrestleBoard you receive each month the Lodge is not doing well at all, in fact, it is sick and in need or some strong medicine to in order for it to survive. I realize that most of you work every day and have obligations to yourself, your family and your employer or you own businesses but I also know that if there is something we really, really, want to do we can find the time.

I am asking you now to please find the time. Masonry must mean something to you or you would not have joined and you most certainly would not continue to pay your dues.

The Lodge needs you, I NEED YOU, to become more active. I am not asking you to stop all the things you now do but to give to the Lodge and the other members a couple of nights a month, heck, 111 settle for one night.

The Lodge has changed since you last attended. The Officers and members are working together to better the Lodge and there is a feeling of a rejuvenation of camaraderie and purpose. No longer does the older members "run" the Lodge. We have, for the most part, younger members in the chairs and us "old fogies", with a little prodding, are turning the reigns over to you, the younger members.

We are having a Child I.D, program on the 25 of this month from 12 to 4 PM. This is a very worthwhile program and, God forbid, a child goes missing this CD that is given to the parent could mean the difference between life and death. How often do we hear of children missing or lost? Thank the good Lord that it has not happened in our Masonic family but it could. That is one of the reasons why we are giving up our Saturday.

We are also inviting all Sojourner Masons in the area to come out and visit us and see what Belleview Lodge #95 has to offer. This is a perfect time for you to join us and get reacquainted with your Brothers at Lodge. It will be a fun afternoon and PLEASE bring the wife and kids with you. We will have hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone. I look forward to seeing you Saturday afternoon, the 25th of February and if you feel up to it we are having a short meeting on Thursday, the 23rd at 7 PM with dinner in the dining room afterwards with wives and guests attending. It sure would be nice to see you and your family there also. If you have questions please call me at 352-843-0198.


Sincerely and Fraternally

Jaby Oliver


April 15,2006 Brothers all,

I hope this finds you and yours in good health this Easter weekend. This is the time of year that things start growing and it's as if the world is waking from a nap and stretching out to everything new and fresh. That is what is happening at your Lodge. There is an excitement with the Officers and attending members that cannot be described in words. We have petitions for membership, transfers of Brothers from other areas and everyone is participating in the discussions and planning of coming activities.

The Lodge fish fry was a huge success with lot of help in the kitchen and a fantastic turn out of people to enjoy the meal. The next function will be a spaghetti dinner with the proceeds going to support our military and or veterans (we aren't quiet sure which road to take just yet). More to follow in the Trestleboard.

Brothers, I wish I could communicate with each of you personally but lime will not allow me to do so and the only other way is with this letter. Please DO NOT think that this is just another peace of junk mail from the Lodge, this letter is as personal to you, as an individual, as if your name was at the heading. I chose this way to communicate with you because I, as well at the other Officers, want you to know that even though you might not attend Lodge often we want you to know that you will be welcome when you are able to visit.

The Lodge is having an E.A. degree this Thursday, April 20. at 7 PM. I am asking each of you to make an effort and attend. DON'T worry about not remembering enough to get in the door, I promise you that if you bring your currant dues card and see any of the Officers, you will be made welcome. This is a perfect way for you to refresh your memory about Freemasonry and get reacquainted with other Brothers. Are you a member of the 15th district Low-12 Club? If not, this is a club that is there to help the widows and children when, not if, you pass to that great beyond. It is also a way that we can meet that obligation we took at the alter to help, aid, and assist all masons, their widows and orphans.

I, as Master of the Lodge, would like to hear from you and be able to talk to you, your time permitting. My cell is 843-0198 and I'm out and about from about 7 in the morning till 8 at night. Just a 2 minute call would be appreciated.

As a footnote, this letter does not go to all the members of the Lodge. It is sent to and intended for the younger members who hold the future of Belleview Lodge in their hands. Brothers, I ask each of you, do not let Freemasonry and all that it has and does stand for to slip from your grasp.

Fraternity and Sincerely Jaby Oliver


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