Belleview Lodge No 95 History

Belleview Lodge was charted January 20, 1887 to meet at South Lake Weir in Marion County.

The three line officers at chartering were:

N. D Faunce                        Worshipful Master
Charles B. Senior              Senior Warden
D. P. Milholland                 Junior Warden

The chartering Grand Lodge Officers were:

George Stone Hallmark     Grand Master
Norvelle R. Carter              Deputy Grand Master
William Forsyth Bynum    Senior Grand Warden
John J. Delaney                 Junior Grand Warden
Dewitt C. Dawkins             Grand Secretary

The Lodge was originally charted as South Lake Weir Lodge No 95, January 20, 1887, to meet in South Lake Weir, Marion County.

The Lodge name changed January 21, 1890 to Pedro Lodge No 95 to meet in Pedro, Marion County.

The Lodge name changed January 21, 1892 to Belleview Lodge No 95 to meet in Belleview, Marion County.

The Charter was burned January 8, 1904 and a duplicate was issued January 28, 1904.The Charter was deposited in the Grand Lodge vault for safekeeping and a duplicate issued October 16, 1954.

The cornerstone for the new Lodge building was laid May 17, 1975.

Lodge Building Circa 1900


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