Volume 2, Issue 2, November 2009

Belleview Lodge No. 95 held it's fifth annual Child ID!

Belleview Lodge No. 95 held its fifth annual Child ID program at the Lodge. Over 700 people attended the event and 220 children were ID'ed. Free hot dogs, milk, soda, ice cream, water and snacks were provided by the Lodge and its sponsors. Fingerprinting service was provided by the Marion County Sheriff's office and DNA samples by health personal. Shrine clowns and local fire department personnel with their vehicles entertained the children.

The children had a great time and parents were very pleased and grateful to receive this free and important service.

As with all Lodges it has been Belleview Lodge's goal to utilize this Grand Lodge program to safeguard children in the community. It has also been of prime importance to hold this event at the Lodge to make Masonry less mysterious and improve its visibility in the community. To that end, three radio stations and two local newspapers publicized the event and the Marion County School System distributed four thousand flyers informing parents of this free program.

For the last 3 years Belleview Lodge has ID 558 children at their Lodge Building. Of special note was T.G. Lee Dairy providing its donation van and donating products and Sweetbay, Publix, Frito Lay, Culligan and other sponsors donating products.

The W. M. Ted Mullins and the members of Belleview Lodge did an outstanding job and deserve special credit for their efforts.