Masons Helping Others

While Masonry is essentially a fraternal order the members of Belleview Lodge and all Masons and appellate orders have a record of outstanding philanthropic service to our local communities and world wide charities. In addition to local charities many Masons belong to appellate bodies like the Scottish Rite and Shrine Club that support the well know Shrine Burn and orthopedic centers and the Scottish Rite Hearing impaired treatment and research facilities.
The Shrine supports 19 orthopedic units and three burn institutes across the United States helping thousands of children each year, absolutely free of charge.
Other Masonic bodies support their own statewide and national foundations for research, teaching, and treatment for rehabilitation services for children with learning or speech disorders, cancer, visual problems, and need of dental restoration. Altogether, the budgets for these community services exceed two million dollars per day, which Masons support without regard to the Masonic affiliation of their recipients. With this spirit of working together to serve mankind, brotherhood works well, indeed.

Locally Belleview Lodge supports many important youth oriented activities.
The Brothers of Belleview Lodge assist the local community as the need arises and whenever called upon to do so.

These include:

Belleview Lodge holds an annual Child ID program in April. Since 2007 we have ID almost 1500 children at the Lodge.  For more information about this program please click - Child ID 08

Support of the Local Demolay Chapter!

  Meetings and support of local Boy Scott Organizations.
  Christmas Party for Kids.   

Support of The Masonic Home in St. Petersburg, Florida.




There are 22 hospitals throughout the United States: three for treatment of burns and 19 which address crippled children's medical problems.


Scottish Rite Convalescent Hospital for Crippled Children.


Hospital Volunteer Program in more than 157 Veterans Administration Medical Centers.


The Laboratory's primary mission is to conduct high quality basic biomedical research aimed at generating knowledge and information necessary for development of the medical cures and treatments of tomorrow. Developed the Heart Pacemaker used by tens of millions today.



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